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About us


(Jeansdeep.com) Chic Dress - Confecções, Lda is a group fully dedicated to the production of fashion apparel.
In 1995 the group began to manufacture and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in which to enter the clothing market.


Chic Dress was born in 2003 and is designed specifically for women.  The brand launched its first jeans collection in the Portuguese market and gained remarkable approval from the public.  Thereon, the collections became more complete to include tops, outerwear and accessories.


The Chic Dress brand successfully rooted itself in mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira through strategic marketing of their apparel in the best multibrand stores. As a company, we are constantly seeking the best raw materials and production processes in order to create and offer high quality products.  Furthermore, we guarantee the total manufacture of all of our garments in Portugal in order to assure their authenticity.  


To offer women a garment which is unique and that provokes a real sense of satisfaction, inspiration, and overall well-being.



Quality: We manufacture our garments exclusively in Portugal.

Innovation: We invest in research aimed at creating new products for the public.

Commitment: We have partners who comply with our quality and quantity expectations and deliver within required timeframes.

Requirements: Our main focus is the satisfaction of all our customers.


Our brands are produced exclusively in Portugal. We value what is Portuguese and we beleive that Portugal produces quality. We value the preservation of jobs in Portugal as we value what it produces. We beleive that our customers also value this.

We invest in high-quality raw materials, thus creating value-added garments. Combined with our company's goal to meet our customers¥needs, we also reconcile other factors such as dressability and comfort, which we beleive is equally important in order to be successful in the clothing market.Always keeping in mind the modern man and woman, our garments provide a look that is both fashionable and attractive..